Spring Break Day 3

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our "5 mile hike" began mid-morning. We decided to hike some of the Mammoth Cave National Park trails. They all intersect so I can't be sure how far we hiked, exactly, but I know it was somewhere between 4-5 miles.

With breathtaking views and rough terrain we were pushed to keep going as we got deeper and deeper into the trails. Aaron at one time said, "Mom, I want to go back." to which I replied, "the only way back is to keep moving forward." And that was so true. We had plotted our course, we were looking at the map when we came to split paths, and we had made our decisions. Good or bad we couldn't go back, we had to keep moving forward because going back meant retracing some of our most difficult terrain...a place I didn't care to travel twice in the same day. (I'm trying to make a faith lesson out of this, and those who walk in faith should get the most out of this attempt...I'm not always that great with words.)

So...moving on...here's some pretty pictures to look at!!

The kids loved the natural landscaping and to keep them
engaged I asked them to find cool natural formations and wildlife!

 We saw two areas where water entered or exited the caves.
At this location we found some deer...which were hard to spot!

 At the top of a trail we found this beautiful scene.
Even with the bare trees this is a gorgeous view!

Here's some cute pics we took while resting along the way (or waiting on someone to catch up)

After this long hike we were all hungry and ready for some lunch! We enjoyed a late lunch and later we enjoyed the campground which included a mini-golf course, jumping pillow, playground, and candy store.

Peter is poking his head out from behind Yogi!

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