Stress, a vacation, and a {promise}

I'm always starting my blog posts with "I'm sorry it's been so long..." and again I start that way. The past many months have been me relaxing with no kids around most days. I promised myself I would spend this year organizing, cleaning, and developing me (spiritually and mentally). As I sit here and type, though, my children are home on Spring Break and one is calling me to help him now, the other is screaming as she runs through the house for who knows what reason, and I'm, well, I might go bald today by pulling out my hair.

We had a great vacation last week. We visited some beautiful places that have opened my eyes again to the beauty God created and the beauty of our family. Getting back to the swing of things, though, is just a little hard. We enjoyed our time away, time to just be a family without the pressures of a job, a schedule, housework, homework, and stress.

Stress has been a normalcy for me, lately. I get stressed about everything. My fuse is short. To be honest, I don't even have a fuse some days; it just goes straight to blowing up. Let me reveal something about me, I take medicine for anxiety and depression. Without it I would be much worse. After a doctor visit recently my medication was switched to see if I can return to a more "normal" me. She also took my blood to check some different levels in my body. Maybe I'll finally get some answers. Or maybe moving to Kentucky could help?

Kentucky is where we visited for our first ever Spring Break Trip with the kids! Seth and I had visited there in 2007 and enjoyed it immensely. We knew it was a place we would visit again, when our kids were an appropriate age. It was so great to see the kids in a new and different place. They had never been on such a long road trip; but I had prepared well so it was easier. I plan {promise} to post more about our vacation in the days (maybe weeks to come) but I'll leave you with this conversation:

Seth: Okay kids, what was your favorite part of vacation? Abigail, you go first.
Abigail: The ELEVATOR!!
Me: Great, that much money into a vacation and her favorite part is the elevator that she can ride for free at Sears!
Aaron: My favorite part was the pool!
Peter: Um....um....um....I don't know.

Peter really enjoyed a lot. We visited Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky Down Under, The Creation Museum, and Clifty Falls State Park in Indiana. I think Peter just had a hard time picking which was his favorite, because he enjoyed all

Coming home in snow made us want to turn around and go back South, but we pressed on. Thankfully, we made it through one of the highways before they shut it down! Our road trip ended but our vacation still went on. My kids get two weeks for Spring Break, which is okay and all, until they start fighting like they did this morning.

Just so you know, I'm finally finishing this blog post at 8:30ish at night and my hair is still here, I haven't gone grey, and the kids actually got along after lunch. This day and this post may have started in a bad place but my night ended happy with kiddo snuggles and ice cream! I hope you find this post ending well too, with a little more sane writer and a very "grateful for my kids and hubby and life" mama!

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