Mammoth Caves

Saturday, March 26, 2016

An 8 hour car ride to Horse Cave, Kentucky went beautifully. With three kids I was a little nervous since we had never taken a car trip this long before. I prepared them by creating a binder for each of simple car games and activities they could play. Also, it didn't hurt to have a Portable DVD Player in the car! It might have been a difficult one to hang and operate but we got the hang of it quickly!
We arrived in Horse Cave at a hotel (the same one Seth and I stayed at on our trip to Mammoth in 2007) around 8:30 CST. We were relieved to finally be on vacation!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our day started by packing everything up again as we had a cabin reserved not far from the hotel. We had a complimentary breakfast, enjoyed some relaxation, loaded the car and headed off to Mammoth Cave National Park so that Seth's parents could meet their tour group at 11:30 for a two hour tour that featured Domes and Dripstones at Mammoth Cave.

What were we to do for two hours? Well, we ate some lunch, talked a minute or two, enjoyed walking around the gift shop and visitor area, etc.
Remember how I said I have anxiety...? One of those anxieties for me on taking this trip was entering the caves. I had decided that I wasn't going to go, I didn't want to worry myself silly over it and decided I would instead enjoy just people watching. Peter and Seth had tickets for a 3pm tour for Domes and Dripstones.

Seth soon decided we were doing the self-guided tour...and I was going to go along. It was only $5 and if I didn't like it I could exit easily and he would continue with the kids. I told him I would try. And you know what...I DID IT!! I overcame my anxiety and tried to ease my mind by focusing on the kids and watching their faces as they entered the caves for the first time.

 Seth and I at the end of the self-guided cave tour

The entrance to the self-guided cave tour

IT WAS AMAZING and I'm so excited I did it!!

Relaxing and doing Junior Ranger books
while waiting for Seth's Parents

Seth's parent's returned from their tour, we hung out for a bit, Seth and Peter went on their tour, the twinners, Seth's parents, I went for nature hikes and enjoyed the scenery, and just as Seth and Peter returned around 5pm it started to rain! Time to leave...we were all tired and hungry anyway!

It was a perfect day in a beautiful place and we made so many great memories as a family!

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