Kentucky Down Under

Monday, March 28, 2016

One place Seth and I loved when we visited Kentucky in 2007 was a zoo called Kentucky Down Under. Just minutes from Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Down Under provides another cave tour in an active cave (watch out for drips), Australian animals, and animal "shows".

The cave tour here was a much smaller tour than Peter and Seth had taken at Mammoth Cave in terms of people and cave size. This cave was tight and you had to be careful where you stepped or you might slip down a "slide" or into a small pool of water. You also can't touch the walls, which is very hard to do when there are no hand rails!

 Ready to enter the cave! We had to carry flashlights
and thankfully they had flashlight helmets for the kids!

Amazing formations to see in this active cave!

 The story of how this cave was found is interesting.
This is the original opening to the cave.
You can read more about the cave here. Look for the
articles along the left side of the screen too!

After our cave tour there were two scheduled "shows" for visitors to see. One of them was herding of the sheep with the zoo dogs. We got here late and weren't able to see well, let alone take pictures. We did, however, get front row seats to see these two beauties.

 This is an albino kangaroo. The woman pictured below is currently her
mother and carries her everywhere in a pouch; including the movies, grocery stores,
restaurants, and family gatherings.

I don't remember this 'pretty birds' name but he was
entertaining! I love that my kids got to interact with him!

Finally, with all the scheduled events out of the way we were able to explore on our own time. We were able to get in line to go on the kangaroo walk. This was the most exciting part for the kids.

 Petting and feeding the kangaroos!
Not all were this small...we did feed adult ones too!

There was also a couple Emus roaming around the area.
We were allowed to feed them too. They are feisty, just ask Peter!
He was on the receiving end of their nibbling when he didn't hide
his sweet potato sticks well enough!

That was our day at Kentucky Down Under. We then went to play mini-golf and do a couple other fun things. But I'll save that for the next post!

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