School has begun

And the kids are off to school. Today is their 5th day of school!

Peter has begun 2nd grade with ease. Talking to teachers, staff and students as if he's been talking since day one. After the progress last year there was no doubt in my mind he would just keep it up into this year. He's playing with a friend at recess and they can't get enough Ninja Warrior fun!!

Aaron is off to Kindergarten and is adjusting exactly how I thought he would. He loves his teacher and I know the friends will come once he adjusts to this new schedule. We seperated him from Abigail this year because we know he needs the social skills without the comfort of her. Adjustments are hard for him and there will be another big one soon as his teacher right now is only a long term sub until they find the permenant replacement for the teacher that left. (And before I even hit post the email came through that the new teacher will start tomorrow!!)

Abigail, too, is in Kindergarten and is making friends left and right, of course. She's struggling with the long hours and missing home (specifically missing me) but loves the social aspect of school. I'm not sure if it's just her perspective or if she has that many "naughty" boys in her class but she always tells me her teacher talks loudly when the boys are not listening. It won't take her long to adjust and show her spunky attitute, Heaven help the teacher!

I have had some quiet days. I have gotten quite a bit done already and have been enjoying time to myself. I am cherishing the moments in the evening I get with my kids more than ever. I have only roughly 5 hours a day with them now and I find myself wanting to be around them instead of hide from them (I only kid, I never hid from them....too often).
I'm working on a routine that will include bible study for myself and my family, working on Norwex, house cleaning schedule, organizing, blogging and exercise.

I've been having major anxiety lately and need to get rid of it!! Prayers for this part of my life would be appreciated. As I get into routine again, I pray this anxiety will subside. I'm not quite sure what is causing this flare up but it is affecting all parts of my life...again.

Until next time,

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