Half way through Summer

Taken on Father's Day 2015

I can't believe that we are already half way through our Summer!

My kids go back to school in 27 days!

For the next 26 days we are going to:

Enjoy Life Together
Go Camping with Friends
Explore God's Creation (walks, gardening, etc.)
Have a couple more family outings (zoo being one of those)
Enjoy a week off with Seth!

In 27 days:

I will be home alone for 7 hours a day
I will implement routine for myself
I will work hard on building my new business (NORWEX)
I will spend more time in the Word of God
I will blog more
I will enjoy silence and cry through the lonliness (I'm happy to be at this point in life but so sad to see my twinners gone for so long during the day; it's a bittersweet realization!)
I will be without children for 7 hours of the day/5 days a week for the first time ever since I became a mom almost 8 years ago!

I'm not promising any more posts to the blog for the next month, but maybe I'll suprise you (and myself!)

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