Superbowl Snowstorm

We enjoyed a morning home this past Sunday. Seth had to be to work earlier than normal to open up for the people grabbing last minute Superbowl food and I didn't want to take three kids to church that morning with the way the snow was coming down (although, I am very close to church and would have made it just fine; but then there's sitting through the service with a wiggly seven year old and I probably wouldn't have heard the message anyway...)

Sunday afternoon my dad came to get the kids and I, my parents have a wicked hill that can only be tackled with 4-wheel drive in a snowstorm, to come over to my parents house so the kids could play with their cousins. We didn't stay for the Superbowl but enjoyed watching a little of it at home before bed. School was cancelled late Sunday evening and I went to bed, without setting an alarm!!, before the clock hit 0:00 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Monday morning after I told the kids that they didn't have school I went to let Cubby out and...yup, need to reseal the storm door.

Peter has his 100th day of school coming up this Thursday, so we took our Monday snow day to work on his 100th day Hat. He chose to put on 10 each of 10 items to decorate his hat! I will post a full picture of it later, but I don't want to ruin his surprise!
All Monday, my dining table and counter top looked like a craft store exploded! It was soooo much fun!

Aaron wanted to decorate his own hat so we found an old Thomas the Train ball cap and put on stickers and stuck in pipe cleaners with buttons on the end! He was so proud of it!
Tuesday after school Abigail said she was cold so she got into my closet and warmed up in one of my sweaters! She's so adorable in it!

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